About Us

PT Mipacko Farrela is the company specialized in manufacturing only microfiber related products since foundation. We are the real pioneer in Microfiber industry in Indonesia, building up strategic partnership to manufacture our own microfiber yarn with Korean factory in Indonesia that has been in textile industry since early seventies ( 1973 ).

Our product is guaranteed same as Korean product because of using Korean microfiber and producing end product with Korean technology. We purchase high quality microfiber yarn (AAA Grade), we design final product with concern in many details and develop cost-efficient product that gives best benefit for the customers and end user.

The market for microfiber product is growing rapidly worldwide but the market share is still lower than cotton product, more over in Indonesia. It is needed more concern and investment for exploring market, local market research, promotional cost, market entrance cost, etc. But sooner or later, eventually the market is in mutual and Most End-Users know and perceive it is worth with paying to Microfiber Cloth even little expensive relatively to cotton cloth which widely used by End-Users in Home, Restaurant, Hotel, etc. Microfiber product benefits far outweigh the cost. We commit to inform these benefits to those who needs cleaner and healthier environment.